Unexpected Side Effects

Everybody knows the litany of side effects associated with consuming cannabis. Lethargy, red eyes, decreased short term memory, and of course, the dreaded munchies. There are a multitude of positive effects as well, such as reduced anxiety, pain relief, and myriad other benefits. Something I did not expect, though, was a sort of spiritual awakening. […]

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Where To Start

Where exactly does one start when they are a complete beginner to cannabis cultivation? For an outsider looking in, growing cannabis for the first time can seem quite daunting. With prohibition slowly crumbling, the market is becoming flooded with new technology, seed banks, and varying opinions on how, exactly, to grow the best buds. I […]

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New Beginnings

If someone would have told me, twenty some odd years ago, that I would find myself, at 38, not only using cannabis as medicine, but cultivating my own, I would have told them they were nuttier than squirrel shit. Since my early teens I have been an avid user, but I don’t think I truly […]

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