Season 1: Week 4

After spending week 3 fighting an overwatering situation, we rolled in to week 4 feeling pretty confident. This new found confidence combined with positive vibes saw the ladies explode with new growth. Coming out of week 3 the girls were still drying out and starting to look much happier. On Tuesday, the 22nd, I noticed […]

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Season 1: Week 3

In the beginning of week 3, things were moving rather slowly. As it turned out, I had definitely overwatered when I transplanted. As you can see in the photo above, Gemma took this pretty hard. At the time, I was unsure whether it was overwatering or light burn. My first thought was to dim the […]

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Season 1: Week 2

We entered into week 2, Monday, August 7th, having moved the seedlings out of the humidity dome and in to the 4’x4’x72″ tent. I placed the light above the girls at 16 inches and had the dimmer turned all the way down. The girls didnt show any signs of stress, and the only noticeable difference […]

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Where To Start

Where exactly does one start when they are a complete beginner to cannabis cultivation? For an outsider looking in, growing cannabis for the first time can seem quite daunting. With prohibition slowly crumbling, the market is becoming flooded with new technology, seed banks, and varying opinions on how, exactly, to grow the best buds. I […]

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