Season 1: Week 4

Last day of week 4. Other than some fungus gnats, life is good.

After spending week 3 fighting an overwatering situation, we rolled in to week 4 feeling pretty confident. This new found confidence combined with positive vibes saw the ladies explode with new growth. Coming out of week 3 the girls were still drying out and starting to look much happier. On Tuesday, the 22nd, I noticed a bit of drop in the leaves, and they felt paper thin. I figured it was time to water. I whipped up a batch of Recharge infused water, and made sure the pH was at about 6.5. Using a sprayer on set to make a fine mist, I slowly watered the pots, making sure to give the soil enough time to soak up the water. Once there was a small amount of run off, I gave the girls a bit of foliar spray and called it good.

Georgia entering week 4.

The following morning, I found the girls appeared very happy. Their leaves were “praying” towards the light, and new growth had taken off. The next couple days showed quite a bit of growth, and they required very little from my end. Other than hang out with them and checking their leaves, I didnt do anything.

By Friday, the 25th I noticed that the pots were significantly lighter and was starting to see roots in the drainage holes on the bottom. That afternoon, I watered the girls again. It took about a quart between the 3 girls to reach runoff. I noticed a good amount of fungus gnats buzzing around, so I mixed up a batch of Agro Magen. This is an all organic fungicide and insecticide that uses citric acid suspended in various oils that emulsify into water easily and dont separate. I gave the girls a heavy foliar spray, making sure to get the entire plant, especially the bottom side of the leaves and the soil. Moist soil is where these pesky gnats lay their eggs. The larvae will eat the roots and can stunt growth or provide a vector for disease, so it’s important to take them out swiftly.

Saturday morning, to my surprise, I found no signs of fungus gnats. The Agro Magen worked wonderfully, and even made the ladies’ leaves nice and shiny. The last 2 days of week 4 went by with nothing to report. There was some growth, but not much else. Early Monday morning I noticed some signs of what appeared to be a CalMag deficiency. I will speak on this more extensively in Season 1: Week 5. That’s about it for week 4. I hope you guys enjoyed this week, although there was little to talk about. Week 5 is much more interesting, I promise.


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