Season 1: Week 3

In the beginning of week 3, things were moving rather slowly. As it turned out, I had definitely overwatered when I transplanted. As you can see in the photo above, Gemma took this pretty hard. At the time, I was unsure whether it was overwatering or light burn. My first thought was to dim the light a little bit and move it a bit further away. This didn’t seem to do much, so I posted some pictures to some Facebook groups I’m in, and was able to deduce that I had, indeed, overwatered.

Grace did not survive the overwatering.

Having lost Grace, I knew I needed to take action. So, I decided to place some dry soil under each of the pots. It was a last ditch effort, but to my surprise, the dry soil began wicking away the extra moisture almost immediately. I would check every few hours and and stir the moist soil with some more dry soil. I also allowed the temperature in the tent to rise a bit, in hope of speeding up evaporation. Before I knew it, the girls began perking up and growing at an accelerated pace.

I did not add any more water until the beginning of week 4. I simply monitored the room temp and relative humidity, and made sure to keep dry soil under the pots. The girls flourished and began forming shoots where the fan leaves met the stalk. Finally, I began feeling as though I had a handle on the situation.

Having lost a couple gals to my ineptitude, I decided to try some new seeds I had come in. The strain is called Seats Taken from Best Coast Genetics. These are regular seeds but are supposed to go from seed to harvest in 8 weeks. I figured with their accelerated pace, they would catch up to the Goldleaf. I used the same method of germination as seen in week 1, and again got 2 of 2 seeds to pop. They were placed in their rooters on August 18th, and by the 20th Stella made her first appearance. The problem was, she didn’t seem to want to lose her hull just yet. Having learned to leave it be from a previous decapitation, I just let her go. Later that day, Saoirse broke soil, left her hull and took off toward the light. On the 21st, I came home from work to find Stella had laid down. In a panic, I carefully split the hull and got it off of her. The membrane was still tight around her cotyledons though, and I didn’t think she would make it. Still, I placed her back in the dome and wished for the best. The morning of the 22nd, I noticed the membrane had dried some, so I used some tweezers to remove it. She didn’t look too good, but I left her. By the 24th, her cotyledons began to unfurl, and she started reaching for the light.

Despite my best efforts to sabotage the situation, I had brought Stella back from certain death. This was a massive confidence booster. I ended week 3 feeling like I actually can do this. I couldn’t be happier with my progress, even though I did stumble a bit along the way. Hopefully week 4 will be even more productive, and will bring us one step closer to cultivating a top shelf product. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this, and I greatly appreciate the support. Much love to you and yours!


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