Season 1: Week 2

Gertrude showing her second set of true leaves that will become a set of 3.

We entered into week 2, Monday, August 7th, having moved the seedlings out of the humidity dome and in to the 4’x4’x72″ tent. I placed the light above the girls at 16 inches and had the dimmer turned all the way down. The girls didnt show any signs of stress, and the only noticeable difference at first was how fast the rapid rooters were drying out. When I got home from work, I noticed they were dry, so I gave them each 15 millilitres of distilled water, feeding both from the top and bottom. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were relatively uneventful. The girls received 15 millilitres of water a day each. Gemma started showing signs of possible light burn (she was the last to sprout, and was maybe a little too young for the big light).

Gertrude showing her second set of true leaves.

On Friday, I decided to move the girls in to pint pots. I chose to go with organic soil using dry amendments as opposed to bottled nutrients. I made a custom blend using Better Homes & Gardens Organic Container Mix and Promix Organic Garden Mix at a 1:1 ratio. I added 40% worm castings and 30% perlite. I then amended the soil with Dr. Earth 4-4-4 according to the directions on their packaging. I mixed all of this thoroughly to ensure even distribution. Next, I used a 1 gallon sprayer to slowly add water to the mix until I reached a consistency that would clump when compressed, but also crumble when jarred. You don’t want too much moisture. I filled the pint pots about halfway, making sure the top of the rapid rooters would be under soil when done. I placed all the girls in their pots and topped them off with soil.

Gemma just before transplant.

To water them in I used distilled water with Recharge as directed on their packaging. I used a sprayer and would feed a little at a time to make sure the water distributed evenly. I watered until there was runoff. This may have been too much water as I didn’t have to water for 5 days and the girls showed some signs of stress. I’m still not sure if it was overwatering or just from the transplant.

That’s about all for week 2. There was some growth, but I’m pretty convinced I overwatered when they were put in pots and I stunted them some. Hopefully we see some good growth in week 3. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope it was helpful and/or educational.


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